Google Play Optimization Techniques

Some basic techniques one can follow to ASO for their App may include some basic operations. We’ll take a look at how Google Play can be optimized and then in next post, we will take a look at how iTunes/iOS can be optimized and made good to work for them.

Google Play Optimization Techniques

Google Play Optimization

As we know that Google Play is an App store meant for distributing Android app downloads to the platforms using Androids, like smartphones, tablets and now-a-days game pads Like NVIDIA Shield.
We can categorize the optimization in two, one is on page optimization and the second is off page. By on the page we are talking about the information most specific to the app for which customers will search at first sight. The second is off page optimization by which we mean this contain the information provided as feedback or review and ratings from usage, its reviews from editors and customer.


Now we go through a brief discussion about Google play optimization techniques

First Impression of an app to the customer are three things that are first title, second app description about what it is meant for and what it can do and third is the symbolic representation using icons.

Title: It’s the first thing customer would be looking for. App name should reflect its functionality to be catchier for results. One seeking for app of some functionality, why would he choose your app? The title should represent the app in a creative way to be more attractive to customers and unique title will help them to remember and keep itself distinguished from other app of the same functionality.

Description: It is meant for the describing the features and functions of app in brief form. It provides the most important and major features elaborated to the customers. The description should be very precise, concise, to the point to keep it informative and good to understand for a lay audience. Remember not everyone is a technologist!

Icon: It represents the app’s face. A good icon representing the app in a creative way and appealing colors is more attractive.

Some of the other factors to be optimized may include the following:

App Type: Google Play consists of two main types of app for recognizing them i.e. Games or applications.

App Category: It is the most appropriate way to navigate to a specific category of apps. App type may include, medical if medicine regarding app or internet type if the app is used for transferring files etc. Or for massaging. Or others searching in games type app may opt to look for racing, adventure etc.
Talking about some other options to get more attention is to provide, screenshot, demo video and of course using the Google’s service known as Google Plus.

Screenshot: It is important and at the same time good option to provide the customers the screenshot of the main interface of app depicting its appealing interface with some basic options. This will help customers to take a look an app interface in advance without downloading it. Appealing colors and creative interface are definitely a way to get more attention.

Demo: A demo video showing how to perform basic operations in the app is much valuable and Google play now supports this feature as an added option for showcasing your app.

Google Plus: it is an extra feature of Google, normally people communicating on Google Plus may like your app and Plus to your App. It is an important feature because the more Pluses app has, the more higher it’ll be ranked.
Some off-page optimization may include the App rating made by customers. The more ratings received by the customers and higher rating in 5 star band. The better it is. Along with the rating users may also provide their valuable review about an app that is very valuable for those who haven’t tried this app yet. App stats including number of downloads is a good part to attract customers. App with more downloads number is most likely to be downloaded by someone else by just looking at download numbers.