Effective Marketing Strategy

Effective Marketing Strategy

As is apparent from the term itself, a mobile marketing strategy refers to marketing communication with the customer through a cellular (also referred to as mobile) device. This communication can range from the simplest form, say a simple marketing message for the introduction of a new audience participation based campaign to much more complex marketing mechanism. The aspect common among all these types of communication is the concept of using a cellular device. One can also say that a mobile marketing strategy is not complete without a cell phone. Mobile strategies are an ever-increasing consideration when organization consider marketing budgets. The session focused on mobile SEO but also touch on how to drive traffic with mobile applications.

There are certain tools involved in the execution of a mobile marketing strategy (not all the tools at all the times however) such as multimedia messaging services (also known as MMS) along with the unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), the Bluetooth Wireless and Infrared and also the mobile internet and social media. A certain mobile marketing strategy does not have to employ all of these tools at the same time. Each tool must be chosen in accordance with the need of the situation and the nature of the communication.

Mobile Marketing Strategy Plan

In the current scenario, mobile connectivity accomplishes a lot more than what the case was few years ago. Not only does it empower people to connect to the World Wide Web through using a cell phone, PDA or other gadget but it also contributes towards strengthening different communication channels in an integrated network of communication. To top it all, this type of marketing communication that is known as mobile marketing strategy, is reasonable, in fact much better than traditional marketing tools when it comes to cost allocation. Of course ease of usage is another important factor that cannot be overlooked. To cut a long story short, a mobile marketing strategy is more like an enhanced version of traditional eMarketing.

In the statistical context, the mobile marketing strategy is scoring wonders. It was only a few years before that the trend of texting began. The year 2008 saw the statistics jumping to a whooping seventy five billion plus messages sent on a monthly basis (reported by CellSigns). It was only eighteen months before that the figure was limited to eighteen billion (which is not a small figure either) but the rate of growth that took only less than two years is nothing short of spectacular. A strong speculation about this upsurge in texting attributes American Idol as the prime reason behind this growth in the mobile marketing dimension, which encouraged others to develop their own mobile marketing strategy.

Also a marketing services provider in the United States known as Experian has reported that the number of SMS users is two times as much of active email users. The response rate of this mobile marketing strategy is also very high where it takes only fifteen minutes to read it and about an hour to respond back to it, something that email communication could not compete with.

The popularity of employing a mobile marketing strategy is not just limited to the United States only. A study had been conducted in South Africa about mobile connectivity that came up with an estimate of 19 million active mobile users in 2006, a very strong impetus for companies to develop a mobile marketing strategy to reach their users in a faster, more effective manner. All in all, with the ongoing growth of mobile usage, adoption of a mobile marketing strategy can be a very smart move on part of an entrepreneur to reach his customers and communicate with them in a more interactive ambiance. Mobile marketing strategy a positive way to engage a marketing business.