Importance of Users Reviews and Ratings

A user or a customer reviews are very important to make other user to purchase a commodity; whatever a product may be, how much ever the promo would’ve been, or whoever the developer maybe, if the response from the customers reviews, comments and rating are of no good or if there is no response from them then there won’t any success growth of the product.

At the same time, the same factor applies in mobile apps as well. For example, if a very well experienced mobile application developer launches an application with all sorts of perfect marketing strategy in the market but he 45% of ratings as below average to his app by the users, then automatically his product’s popularity goes down with loss in his business. And at the same time, if a user reviews an error about the app, the developer can easily be identified about it to update the app’s version with corrected errors.

How to Encourage Users For Reviews and Ratings

As we all know that it is very important to get a good set of reviews and rating from the users of the mobile applications but how those responses are being achieved is very important. No user will make a try of an app unless there is an acceptable feedback and response by other people who were already using that app. When is multiple number of reviews about the app, then there is an automatic growth in the competition as well.

Importance of Users Reviews and Ratings

The foremost strategy which it can encourage users for spending time in reviews and rating, is by making sure to be available on the review desk always. So when there is a comment or a review about the app, there should be an immediate response to it. That review can be regarding the features or the technical difficulties the user facing. For every quire, reviews and ratings there definitely should be a continuous follow up response from the developers.

In any case, about 75% of the users won’t review an app unless until, the app downloaded has messed up their device very badly. Other than that, there will be maximum responses with some technical difficulties, only. The only aspect in which a developer or customer service personnel has to do is to rectify the problem by the user and clear out the issue as soon as possible. Sooner the better!! So each satisfying rating needs lots and lots of perfection in every expectation of a customer.

In the other way round, in the beginning if the app the getting a positive response from the users that determines a very successful growth to the developers. If a happy customer updates a satisfying rating about an app, then it creates a very good impression on that app to next customers on the line.

4 Free Tools To Manage Reviews, Ratings and App Feedback

There many tools to manage reviews, ratings and app feedback from the users to the developers for their application. Among them there is few application which acts as a personalized software development kit for very application a developer develops in more successful manner. They are Appsfire, Apptentive, Appboy, and


This mobile application has a very success beginning in a very short span right after its launch in the mobile app market. As this mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices. This application has a staggering increase of daily users of around 1.4 Million users around the world and more than 10 Million users all around the world in total right from its launching day.

There are many features in this application where as a user has the flexibility to search for a particular app according to the users expectations and workings. It also acts as a spectacular mobile app marketing tool which makes the developers to promote their in more convenient way. And in the case of the developers, they can search and track down their own applications status with a perfect statistical data right from the number of downloads till the viewers and the user’s ratings.

Appsfire acts as a spectacular Software Development Kit (SDK) to all the developers where as they have the authority to receive the feedback to them, just like a personal mail regarding the app’s workings.


Apptentive is a mobile application which is developed to be used in both Android and iOS devices. It is also a SDK which is a Software Development Kit which hugely benefits the application developers.

After the installation of this app in any of the devices, it starts to search and collect users rating, reviews and the feedback in a statistical way to access the developer to promote in more analytical way. It has the ability to question the user in a specific way to collect data from them. This app is capable of providing a limited amount of thousand interactions with the users which encourages both the users and the developers to maintain proper and full-fledged communication regarding the app.


Appboy is such an adorable mobile application for all the application developers in the market. As it can start a conversation directly with any user of the application by many channels. The more nearer the contact wave it is, the feedback will be better. For example, if a developer contacts its user, then there will be a win-win situation because the developer will tend to know about the expectations of the users just send them an invitation for a review or a feedback about the app.
This process is done by many channels like, sending in-app messages, e-mails, push- notification, etc. Always a direct feedback is more effective for the betterment of the application. is also a Software Development Kit (SDK) which is specially designed for Android and iOS technology. It is developed in such a way that the installation process is as easy as installing a basic app by a kid. It is very much user friendly type of an app which collects feeds, feedback, rating, and queries in lot more effective and easy way. There are many plans or ideas in which a user can be interacted with. is very simple but at the same time very effective after receiving the feed backs and the reviews from the users. It is a very useful app for most of the mobile application developers.


There is a comment, appreciation and suggestion in whatever a person does in this planet. For every step he/she takes there is a set of criticisms which will mold the personnel to live long peacefully. Just the same way, an every developer will expect a review, or a rating or any kind of suggestions by the users of the application which was developed. This makes the developer to analyses the development in more significant way to help the user in more effectively as possible. For that, proper interaction between the developer and the user regarding the application is significantly very important to improvise the application effectively.