iOS App Store Optimization Techniques

Some of the developers may be using iOS platform to support their businesses and to make progress. After posting about Google play store optimization, we’ll now go through and take a look at Apple’s iOS app store optimization techniques.

Firstly, as in SEO, this needs also to be optimized by means of keywords. Same as the way we looked at Google Play. You need your app to be searched in a more proficient way to ensure that it is visible to most of the customers when they search for a particular word. Choosing the unique words is a good way to ensure a distinctive identity. Brainstorming is what lets you think in a broader way. Think of new words, titles and names. Look for them if they are already using or not. And select the best one.

Title Optimization is also an important aspect. As a catchy title will get your app the name it deserves and will stay in the mind of the user and customers when they are discussing about it to their friends and other people. As thousands of apps might be out there with similar names, it’ll be difficult for a customer to remember for what they are looking for.

iOS App Store Optimization Techniques

Description and title together make the most effect. As they both are appearing when someone searches for a particular keyword, so your description should present your app in a creative way and should deliver to your customers the major features of your app.

The Screenshot is the best way to show at a glimpse about how your app looks to make a first impression and make a feel about your app. Remember first impression is the last impression.

Review and Feedback from existing users is very valuable when it comes for a new person to choose your app. This is a good way to start with and let others know how existing users are taking advantage of your app.

Providing links to some of the information helps acknowledge the customers about your app. It’s a good way to show the potential of your app. For instance, if your app won some awards or particularly one. Showing a link that contains a comparison between other app and yours will setup the mind of a customer to buy your app. It’s always good to provide basic information to your customers.